Don't be fooled: Fracking fluid isn't safe

"You can drink it... I'm still alive."

That's what Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said about his experience of drinking fracking fluid. It's the same thing we've been hearing from the fracking industry for years. They tell us: don't worry, because fracking fluid is perfectly safe.

What's next? Frack-o-cola?

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Don't be fooled. Fracking fluid is nasty stuff. We don't know everything that's in it, because fracking is exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act and the industry doesn't have to disclose what's in this fluid. But we do know that fracking fluid contains over 600 chemicals, and that it can contaminate our fresh water.

Please sign the petition below to let your elected officials know you're not fooled about the safety of fracking, and they shouldn't be, either.

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Please support a national ban on fracking

Dear Elected Officials,

Lately, we've been hearing from oil and gas industry executives that fracking fluid is safe enough to drink, and some even drink the fluid to "prove" it. I'm not fooled by this stunt, and I hope you aren't either! Fracking fluid isn't safe, and neither is fracking. I urge you to protect our water and health by calling for a federal ban on fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a water-intensive drilling method that involves injecting fracking fluid, a cocktail of water, sand, and over 600 chemicals, deep underground. Because fracking is exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act, companies aren't required to disclose the chemicals used in fracking fluid, but we do know that fracking waste contains benzene, arsenic, lead, barium, strontium, toluene, xylene, a host of other dangerous chemicals, and radioactive materials. These chemicals include dangerous levels of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. This is not a product that we should risk putting into our drinking water!

The toxic results of using hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas have led to the contamination of drinking water, cattle being quarantined in Pennsylvania, and other serious issues. In order to protect our essential water resources, we need a national ban on fracking.

I urge you to protect your constituents by calling for a national ban on hydraulic fracturing.

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