Tell Your Senator to Vote No on Monsanto's Bill

Monsanto wants the Oregon legislature to pass a bill that would take away communities' rights to ban GE crops and label GE foods. We need to stand up for local farming communties and put a stop to this bill today.

Monsanto is a huge agribusiness that profits off of manufacturing and selling genetically engineered crops, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer and has a bad reputation of trampling on small independent farmers if their crops get contaminated with GE pollen. We cannot let this company pressure our state legislature into passing a bill that would take away our local rights.

Please tell your senator to vote NO on Monsanto's bill.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to vote no on SB 633, a bill promoted by Monsanto's front group, Oregonians for Food & Shelter.

In honor of Oregon's independent spirit please do the right thing for Oregon's farmers, communities and consumers and vote no on Monsanto's bill (SB 633).

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