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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is a highly controversial process for extracting oil and gas that has raised serious environmental and public health concerns across the country.

Fracking has been taking place in California, the nation’s leading farm state, for several decades without clear regulatory oversight. Now the Monterey Shale — a 1,750-square-mile area believed to hold as much as 15 billion barrels of crude oil and that sits beneath some of the state’s most prized farmland — is being targeted for a new, more intensive form of fracking and other extreme extraction methods, putting California’s scarce and precious water resources and most prized farmland at serious risk.

I am writing to urge you to join me in taking a stand against fracking in California.

In states already experiencing rampant fracking operations, leaks and spills have damaged crops, killed livestock and sickened the people near drilling operations, which are commonly found in agricultural communities that grow our food.

As chefs, restaurateurs and eaters who cherish and rely on the natural bounty cultivated and cared for by our state’s farmers, ranchers and food producers, we cannot stand by and allow the same fate to befall California’s unparalleled food shed. Our colleagues in New York, Chefs for the Marcellus, have made great strides in keeping fracking from contaminating New York’s food production.

Please join me and support California's farmers in calling on Governor Brown to place a moratorium on fracking now. By signing this important petition, you’ll be adding your name to a list of chefs who care about the provenance of our food, the stewardship of our land and the future of our state’s health.

With hopefulness,

Alice Waters, Executive Chef, Founder and Owner, Chez Panisse

California Food & Beverage Professionals in
Support of a Fracking Moratorium in California

Dear Governor Brown:

We, the undersigned, are members of California’s professional food community — chefs, restaurant owners, brewers, winemakers, purveyors, processors, retailers, authors and educators — who are concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on our livelihoods and those who grow and produce the food we offer our customers, guests and families. We are aware that the oil industry is planning to expand fracking throughout California to places where there has been robust agricultural production. Because of the potential risks to this production, we urge you to place a moratorium on fracking and to undertake a comprehensive study on fracking’s potential impacts to California’s water, air and soil.

The expansion of fracking in California will demand large volumes of water that could come at the expense of agricultural operations. Farmers across California are already coming to grips with dwindling water supply and could easily lose additional supplies to fracking operations. Fracking operations immediately contaminate water by mixing it with up to 500 toxic chemicals to induce the fracturing of the rock. It is estimated that each frack job uses between 500,000 and 3 million gallons of water, which becomes polluted and removed from the hydrological cycle.

In addition to supply, the global demand for California’s oil will likely increase the price of water, to the detriment of farmers. Many small and mid-sized farmers will not be able to compete for water against large multinational oil companies that are willing to pay much higher prices. Oil companies have already begun outbidding farmers for water supply in California, Colorado and other states. Without a reliable water supply, many farmers could be forced to leave farming.

The expansion of fracking could worsen groundwater pollution. Contamination can occur from methane and toxic fracking chemicals, as well as from the transportation and disposal of toxic — and at times even radioactive — wastewater. Once it occurs, it could be impossible or extremely expensive to clean up. Industry documents show that drilling wells routinely fail and that old drilling wells can serve as conduits for pollution to spread across a wide area. Nationwide, there have been over 1,000 cases of groundwater contamination from drilling. Shafter Occidental Petroleum Corporation was recently caught on video dumping fracking fluids next to an almond orchard in Shafter in violation of California law.

This is of great concern to us. Agriculture, food and beverage production, restaurants and tourism are vital, growing and interdependent economic engines that rely on our famously bountiful farmland and family farmers for their success. California’s 81,000 farms produce an annual $43 billion in crops that feed not only our state, but also the nation and the world. We stand to lose this and much more if we allow fracking to continue unabated and unregulated in our state.

We urge you to implement a moratorium now in order to responsibly protect California’s water and agricultural industry.


Alice Waters, Executive Chef, Founder and Owner, Chez Panisse

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